Budget Hotels

Project Description

What a great business! With budgethotels.com, you can scan over 800,000 hotel properties for 4 and 5 star hotels in any city you want to find the best possible hotel deal. Luxury hotel rooms truly within reach! For business or holiday travel, Budget Hotels can make your stay go from bland to wow by getting you the best possible price on the Internet. Budget Hotels results pages take you to sites like Hotels.com and other sites so you can earn your reward points, too.

We had a great time learning about the business model Budget Hotels uses as we prepared an SEO plan for them. This client is a prime example of how SEO is not always a ‘set and forget’ project but an ongoing process. For those in a much less competitive space, a one-time SEO service and very occasional ‘touch-ups’ can be enough though.

We also worked on web copy writing for Budget Hotels. This can of course tie in nicely with SEO services. Creating search engine optimized web copy without sounding too spammy is a real art.

Deals on luxury hotels near me (and you?) Deals on Luxury hotels in New York? Yes, with Budget Hotels! We’re looking forward to using budgethotels.com to book our next holiday already!

If you’re looking for an SEO strategy and web copy, contact us for a free consultation and we can give you an idea of how competitive your online business space is and a quote. Hint: Dentists, your industry is very competitive online! We have worked with several dentists and have learned over time and with lots of experimentation what works and can apply some of this to clients in other industries.

Contact Us at Lara Spence Web Design in Vancouver BC for your next project. Our group includes talented web designers, graphic designers, web copy writers and more.

Project Details

Date: July 2016 + ongoing

Skills: WordPress consulting, SEO & Web Copy

Theme: Divi

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