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Camtex Cameras

We loved the humour of the team at Camtex Cameras in Vancouver! Their claim: “We fix everything but broken hearts…”! I believe it! This talented crew can and do fix just about everything, but their old website didn’t contain accurate services listings and was sadly outdated. We were happy to help with a new responsive WordPress site that will allow them to showcase their many services on SEO-able Services pages, and also grow their rental business. Did anyone even know they did rentals until we did this new site? Were they searchable/findable if anyone Googled “iphone screen repair Vancouver”? No… because their site didn’t list these services at all. On a limited budget (they are an independently owned camera service business in a competitive market where it’s sometimes cheaper to buy new than repair), we were able to get them a great site (the theme was designed for camera and tech repair businesses) that will be easier to update and more fun and easier for visitors to use.

Go, Camtex! I know they struggle with the fact that people needing repairs don’t often like paying a service fee for the repair team to have a look. Alas, that’s business. The lease on the building the repair guys are working in needs paying. I encouraged the team to put that fact — eg., “We are a service business and have to charge to have a look at your equipment before we give an estimate” — on the site to manage client expectations. Hoping the team can encourage positive reviews for their work! If you love Camtex, review them on Google+ and Yelp!



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April 10, 2017