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Shop Modern Innovations

Shopify Designers Vancouver – yes we are! The second Shopify project we’ve been part of! This one was fun, as we helped guide business team Rachel and Sonny through the path of eCommerce. Lots of steps to take, and, in the end, lots of fun products to create! Rachel and I picked range of lifestyle images to represent the brand of their modern innovation and lifestyle products, including unique levitating pots/speakers, LED vintage light bulbs (so stylish!), modern phone charging accessories, X-Cam Gimbal (why not take better movies with your phone?), hidden cameras and spyware/surveillance items, and Make up and Accessories from Inception of Beauty (which has now moved to its own brand platform).

Other products available via Shopify at Shop Modern Innovations:

I loved using Shopify with its elegant and easily customizable themes. The Apps are fun too.

As part of our Shopify Designers Vancouver package, we are starting SEO now and link building.

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