Michael Bjorge Fine Art Landscape Photography

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Project Description

Beautiful fine art landscape photography by BC’s Michael Bjorge. We love the attention to detail Michael has captured in landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, trees and forests, with many photographs taken locally the West Coast of BC, Washington State and Oregon. His collections also include travel photography from Italy and the Far East. We helped Michael with a site so people can buy his photography online in many sizes, and get prints on photographic paper, metallicpaper, plaque mount, or ready-to-hang canvas. Art for homes, offices, universities, institutions. Vertical and horizontal prints available. A great way to bring the beauty of nature inside. Share with any friends or colleagues you think could benefit from seeing breathtaking, original, fine art landscape photography from BC and the West Coast >>

Project Details

Date Nov 2016

Skills Web Design, eCommerce, SEO

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